The Village of Lomira is governed by an elected president and six trustees. These individuals, each serving a two-year staggered term, make up the village board. Village employees include a clerk-treasurer, a deputy clerk-treasurer, directors of public works, full-time street crew employees, and an attorney. The Village Planning Commission includes the village president, two trustees and four citizen members. This commission maintains a master plan for village expansion and future development. 





Village Board meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month starting at 7:30 pm. If you would like to be placed on the agenda, please do so by contacting the Village Clerks office. 

The Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are held as needed on the fourth Wednesdays of the month. 




Donald Luedtke, Village of Lomira President



Peter Doman, Village of Lomira Trustee


Eric Kohlmann, Village of Lomira Trustee

Gary More, Village of Lomira Trustee

Jennifer Priesgen, Village of Lomira Trustee


Scott Ritger, Village of Lomira Trustee


Rick Pribnow., Village of Lomira Trustee



Streets, Utilities & Solid Waste Committee:  Scott Ritger, Jennifer Priesgen, Rick Pribnow


Fire, Police, Ambulance & Civil Defense Committee:   Gary More, Peter Doman, Scott Ritger


Rules, Regulations & Parks Committee:  Eric Kohlmann, Jennifer Priesgen, Donald Luedtke 

Employee Committee: Don Luedtke, Gary More, Eric Kohlmann


Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee:  Don Luedtke, Rick Pribnow, Scott Ritger, Larry Fleischman, Lloyd Hanke, Peter Kuen, Jim Koenigs


Library Committee:   Jennifer Priesgen, Marguerite Vilski, Robert Lloyd, Christine Stark, Kelli Flores, Marcia Valle


Communication & Technology Committee:  Eric Kohlmann, Jennifer Priesgen, Rick Pribnow


Board of Review:   Don Luedtke, Peter Doman, Eric Kohlmann, Gary More, Jennifer Priesgen, Scott Ritger, Rick Pribnow


Board of Appeals Committee:  Gary More, Phil Luedtke, Dan Thomas, Doug Zimmerman, Rick Welak, Peter Doman, Eric Kohlmann


Tourism Commission:  Don Luedtke, Dave Luedtke, Tony Schraufnagel, Augie Luedtke, Suri Burman